Family Wealth Advisory: preserve, manage and transition wealth across generation in a discrete environment

With experience in the provision of high-end, private client financial advice, the founder of the firm, Michael Bova is driven to build an organisation that stands apart in the marketplace. He has created an organisation that has soul - driven with a passion to establish relationships that are important, meaningful and satisfying for all parties involved.

The ethos of Family Wealth Advisory has as its corner stone, relationships with people. So while our expertise, network of pre-eminent advisers and delivery capabilities allow us to play a 'technical expert' or 'troubleshooting' role, for many clients the real value of the organisation is our focus on the human element of the equation.

The strength and breadth of our expertise, coupled with consistent delivery, enables us to identify and solve many unaddressed financial and legal issues for our clients.

Crucially, these solutions are designed and delivered in the context of each client's unique requirements and view of the world.

This process results in the protection, preservation and orderly transition of wealth for affluent families.

The truer and more fulfilling outcome for clients however, is peace of mind. This gives these families quality time to focus on their more important issues - their family, their interests, their passions. For some this means spending more time with the family; the attainment of personal or business goals; giving back to society; and for many it is a combination of all of these and more.

Success for Family Wealth Advisory means moving past individually-tailored technical solutions, to help deliver on our clients' underlying goals both now and into the future.

Advisory of, giving, or containing advice, having the power or duty to advise