Family Wealth Advisory: preserve, manage and transition wealth across generation in a discrete environment

Complex Estate and Intergenerational Wealth Planning
The issues of a modern society and structural complexity make intergenerational wealth transfer a crucial and complex issue for affluent families. Family Wealth Advisory possesses the expertise and experience to craft an individually-tailored strategy which takes into account family, structural, jurisdictional, legal, tax and associated issues.

Family Wealth Advisory prides itself on this specialised, core capability.

Consolidated Wealth Reporting
A true 'whole balance sheet' view of the world enables us to report to clients on all of their assets, from personal and investment properties to private equity to debt, to shares and exchange-traded funds. This is a powerful and often overlooked area, which promotes and enables pro-active, meaningful advice delivery through timely and comprehensive reporting.

Risk Management
For many clients, preservation of wealth is paramount. As such this is often an issue dealt with before consideration of investment strategy and returns. Risk management and mitigation is a core focus of our firm.

Investment Advisory
As 'wealth custodians' we sit alongside families to develop and oversee a range of strategies to deliver open, transparent, effective risk-adjusted investment strategies to manage risk across the range of sectors, from private equity to bonds, property, domestic and international shares.

Product Disclosure Statement
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Family Wealth Quarterly Updates
Family Wealth - Quarterly Updates

Tax Planning
No wealth plan, be that preservation, maintenance or transition, can be considered effective without a comprehensive review of the tax implications of that strategy. Our professional network enables us to deal with these issues, from basic superannuation, trust and tax to international or multi-jurisdictional issues.

Retirement Planning
Retirement Planning can mean many things. In some cases this can mean an emphasis on superannuation, Self Managed Superannuation and Small Business capital gains tax concessions. With increasing affluence the focus of these engagements relate more to structural transition from public/private companies and family-centric investment structures.

Bespoke Advice
Family Wealth Advisory's is not a one-size-fits-all offering. We take pride in being able to build a range of strategies tailored to our clients' requirements. No two families are alike.

Our clients are protective of their family affairs and reputation. Conducting business in a timely, effective and discrete manner is core to our engagement.

By definition, individually-tailored solutions cannot be commoditised. As such, Family Wealth Advisory will always remain a boutique advisory firm, only able to deal with a limited number of clients whose situation, affluence and complexity require this level of expertise and detail. The focus of the organisation is the establishment of an enduring brand.

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